Saturday, October 23, 2021

Feijoa tasting on October 23, 2021

Candy - Juicy, little grit, good balance of very sweet and some sour, very good fruit.

White Goose - Mostly smooth, little grit, melting flesh, sweet with little acidity, good fruit.

Lickver's Pride - Very sweet, lots of aromatics, very little acidity, little grit, very good fruit.

Den's Choice - Very sweet, lots of aromatics, very smooth, no grit, excellent fruit.

Marion - Very sweet, aromatic, smooth, excellent fruit.

Marjane - Extremely sweet with some acidity, aromatic and smooth, excellent fruit.

Tagan II - Sweet-sour, aromatic, smooth and creamy, very good fruit.

Edenvale Late - Sweet-sour, some grit, good fruit, needs more time.

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  1. Hi Marta. Will you be selling Den's choice at some point?

    1. Not in the nearest future. I just don't have the space to make more plants

  2. Hello Marta, you have many New Zealand varieties that I haven't seen before such as Den's Choice and White Goose. Is there a North American distributor of these? How did you find them? Thanks..

    1. I collected them via personal contacts and CRFG exchanges. The only nursery that sells some NZ cultivars is One Green World

    2. Thank you. I have some of these, but I was curious about the others. I was trying to select for fruit size. Last question, have you noticed any relationship between fruit size and taste? Some people seem to think that the smaller ones appear to be sweeter. But the larger fruit such as Kaiteri, Takaka, are so much easier to harvest and process...

    3. I don't see any linkage between size and flavor. I should have the scions soon at if you are interested to add to your collection. They need to be grafted.


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