Sunday, October 10, 2021

Feijoa tasting on October 10, 2021

 My seedlings

I described these seedlings earlier.  All started from Mark Albert’s fruits in 2015, and planted in the ground in 2016. I evaluated this seedling in two previous years, in 2019 and in 2020.  This tasting from today just confirmed that #10 and #7 are still the best fruits. They are followed by 6, 9, 8, and 11, which are OK seedlings but not worth naming. #10 and #7 have high sugar with some acid.  #10 ripens a week or two earlier than #7.  I came up with the name for # 10, Oktoberfest. Looking for a name for #7.  Both will be registered through CRFG this year.

Known cultivars

Apollo - Sweet, smooth, very little acid, very little grit.
Marion - Low sugar, some acid, mostly flat, juicy, gritty. (Turned out that the fruits I tasted here are from the rootstock, and not from Marion, edited on Oct 23) 
Tagan II - Flavorful, but not ready yet, this was the first fallen fruit.
Kakariki - Sweet with some bitterness, gritty.  The fruits are from small plant that made too many fruits for its size.  
Marjane - Very nice clean flavor with sugar and acid, but needs more time, not fully ready yet. No grit, very smooth.
Chesterwoody - Sweet-sour, very dense jelly, no grit now.
White Goose - Sweet with some acid, juicy, smooth, no grit, needs more time to ripen.
Albert's Supreme - Very good flavor, high sugar, high acid, mostly smooth, low grit.
Kaiteri - Excellent fruit, high sugar, some acid, no grit. Best in this tasting.

The grafting material is occasionally available at


  1. how do I get some of these varieties? Are they for sale anywhere?

    1. some you can buy from One Green Green World nursery


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