Friday, June 18, 2021

Himalayan mulberries

 In this post I will be collecting info on the Himalayan mulberries I grow or find in other gardens.

Himalayan DMOR9

I have described the Himalayan DMOR9 accession in a number of posts in this blog. I have grown it for a few years.

Himalayan Skinner 

I received Himalayan Skinner scions in early 2021, and some of my grafts already made a few fruits this spring. The fruits seem to be very similar to DMOR9, but I need the grafts to mature before making any conclusions. The leaves of this accession are heart-shaped and thus different from DMOR9. 

Himalayan Turkish

A few weeks ago I came across two more Himalayan trees that may or may not be identical to each other. They also look very similar to DMOR9 but have even more palmate leaves. Time will tell if these are different from DMOR9. 


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