Sunday, June 27, 2021

Late June Mulberries

Lots of Buluklu, occasional berries from Pakistan White, and the Illinois Everbearing just started.  My two Morus nigra cultivars, Kaester and Nigra LA started to ripen too.  

In the below image, all white berries are Buluklu, which are intensely sweet. Illinois Everbearing fruits are in the lower right corner. These are complex in flavor with good amount of sugar and acid.  Kaester is in the upper left corner, and the Nigra LA fruits are in the upper right corner. The Morus nigra fruits are very flavorful and sweet-sour.

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  1. Nice harvest! Good to see all 3 together. Is your Kaester usually that small? Illinois Everbearing looks great! I feel like ripping out my Kaster and putting in a Illinois Everbearing. (It is too small/weak to graft).


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