Friday, June 18, 2021

Mulberries in June of 2021

 Buluklu is the queen of the June show. Pakistan White still produces a good amount of fruit. Himalayan DMOR9 is mostly done, this was my earliest mulberry.

Buluklu in the below image. Very sweet melting berries.

Buluklu, Pakistan White, and the last smallish berries of Himalayan DMOR9 by the end of the month.

Early in the month I had good sized DMOR9 fruits, image below

Black Prince is fruiting on my young trees and grafts, three pictures below 
Plenty of Pakistan fruits

Maple leaf is still a good producer this month, 2 images below 
Still plenty of Oscar fruits. 
Four Seasons mulberry fruits are sweet and flavorful by the mid June, see them in the image below.
And the Persian Morus nigra LA just starting to get ripe 

There are a few black fruits on my Morus nigra Kaester too.

Plants or scions for some of these cultivars are occasionally available at

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